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Where did the man finally go? Writing by mubashar noor kamyana

Allaah created another human being from one human being. Then third. Then fourth. And then the population began to grow. Which was divided into different tribes.


On this earth (Allah) is the first human being of the world millions today. Was created millions of years ago. Whose name was (Adam). (hazrat Adam (a.s).
Allah created another human being from one human being. Then third. Then fourth. And then the population began to grow. Which was divided into different tribes.

Then groups of human beings took birth. Then the groups. Talking to the population increased. Which reached villages and cities. Who took the form of a country. Then from one country to another, then made the third and fourth country. Then things went beyond the countries and became different regions. Then beyond the regions became rivers and seas. Which made this world a colorful, colorful and beautiful world.

Then hazrat man started making this world beautiful with his hard work and effort. The first science came into existence. Then the modern technology came. New inventions from new day to day were born. From this, hazrat man made this world a bride like a bride. Now everybody likes to see it again and again.

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Today, the new person who comes in this world opens his eyes. So he is lost in the color of this world. Do not mind to die. The person who opened his eyes in this world would have the same desire to be a long life. Let’s go Rotate. Let me. Enjoy the different fun of the world. I become rich too. The world’s money. Money and wealth are all I have. All the world is under my feet. I put the bottom of my shoes under the shoes. And finally all the weak humans of the world become my slaves. I live as a king. Be my Lord, my Lord, my Lord. Four hundred is my church. That’s it.

These are the desires of human beings, senses, desires, wishes, and desires. This world is a place that even if a person gets 1 thousand years old, his wishes are not fulfilled.
A line of poet.
Thousands of wishes, such as every wish.
I got out, but still got less.

But. Hazrat man is the biggest mistake of human life. That this world is mortal. One day, going from this world to the dark grave of the dead, you have to calculate your account. The foolish man came into the world and lived in this world. Allah has sent man for some purpose in this world. He purpose is to obey and obey the prophet (Muhammad) (Peace Be Upon Him) . Is to take care of the creations created by Allah. So that man should leave the good name by serving the miserable humanity in the world. But. The foolish man came into the world and forgot his real purpose and lost in the world in color.

So finally. What happened today was that (hazrat man) sat in the house of hiding. Scared of what? What did the fear of the end sprinkle everything from man? The same man was a few days ago. Why did you run away from it now? What is the reason to run away from the world? Why did you turn away from the world? Why is it full of this world today? Why did this happen? Man got away from his human being. Man, man got away from shaking hands. Man your mother. Father. Sister. Brother. Dear. Relatives and their teachers are separated from all. He was living in a room. Wow, Man. Ah.

Today, the man sat in the house of fear. She is an unseen thing. That thing is a ( virus ). The name of this (virus) is. (corona virus). Also called (covid. 19). The characteristic of this (virus) is that it is transmitted from one human to another. It spreads to other humans before handling or meeting someone.


This (virus) appeared in (wuhan), China, on (January 23, 2020). Which is spreading from there, spreading to the world (200 countries) including Pakistan (70 thousand) has destroyed human beings. And not yet taking the name to stop. This is a dangerous (virus) that you can not touch the person you feel. The biggest thing is that if a person with this virus dies, you can not even touch his death. This is the (virus) which scared today’s human being sitting in the house.

This (virus) at this time, millions of people around the world, billionaire humans, built their homes. Land at the moment. The sky. Sun. Moon. Apart from stars and planets, the system of this universe has stopped. At this time the whole world is silent. The atmosphere is clean. The earth and the sky are silent. Everywhere there is a silence and alonely . Up blue, The view of the beautiful scene on the blue sky is visible.

But. There is also a creature on this planet that is astonishing. Surprised. Apart from those creatures, human beings, animals, animals, insects, insects, insects, rivers and oceans, and all creatures living above the earth or under the earth are surprised at this time. Where did the man finally go?
Who persecuted innocent animals. Where did that man go? Which animals rip. Did you get rid of it? Where did that man go? Who used to oppress the innocent animals by making them slaves. Where did the man finally go?
What happened to this world?; How did the relationship of man and universe be broken?

The man who used to show great tricks. The man who considered himself superior, superior and wise. The man who contraction on this earth. I used to walk. The man who considered himself the owner of this land.
The human being who is younger than humans. Had dreams of ruling over small towels. The man who used to make a beautiful charming view of this world between the earth and the sky through modern technology. The man who used to put on the moon, the stars and the planets.

Today it came to know that the creator and owner of this universe is the same. Whose occupation is the life of man in power. He is running the system of this universe. The system entity that is running. He is God (Allah) . Where did the man finally go?
Today, a virus was sitting in the house of fear. Now you also need a time-consuming bread. Who used to waste and waste the blessings of his god. Today, he was surrounded by the wall of his house.

Today, in hospitals, people are dying, they are waiting for life, they are smiling, they are Shouting, they are screaming, they are crying, crying loudly.
All the business of the world, the business, the factories, the mills, the big factories, the offices are all stuck. all things locked. And (hazrat man) sat down in a (virus) house of fear. Wow, man. So weak too. Centuries later, the curtain took place from this secret.


Where did they go today? Who persecuted others. Where did they go today? Those who used to snatch the bread from the mouth of others. Where did they go today? Who occupied the property of others.
Where did they go today? Who used to annoy and annoy others. Where did they go today? Who used to wire the honor of others? Where did those people go today to take away the right of others?
Where did the man finally go?

Where did that man go? The man who used to be unhappy and unhappy with the blessings given by allaah. Where did that man go? The one who used to fill his stomach, but his neighbor was hungry. Where did that man go? Which your business. Factories. See you. The factory was so busy and busy in doing more and more that forgot its creator.
Where did the man finally go?

But. The truth is that the beauty of this world, the beauty, the fair, the grace, beauties, the gracing, the magnificence, the glorious, the glory with the human being is all about it. All the dreams of this world are possible from humans. Because on one side today, man himself is hungry, thirsty, scared, helpless, forced, sitting in the house. So on the other hand, the other creature created by (Allah) is also disturbed and silent. She is also looking for man. So that (man) also informs the
Tongueless creatures of ( Allah ) fill them with food, grain, dunk, and their empty stomach.

A brief event in your view.
Once upon a time the prophet (peace be upon him) ( Hazrat Sulaiman “) sitting in his (throne) was passing through the heaven above. So from the bottom, a man saw the throne (subhan Allah). Meaning (Allah is so pure). So ( Hazrat Sulaiman) immediately after hearing this, he brought his (throne) down. So cried the man. That the word you spoke (Subhan Allah) please, give me the reward its . and Take my (throne) instead of it.
The man said. Dear. I am a sinner man. You are (Prophet) of (Allah) .God has given you all the powers of the world. I am a sinful man. And I’m not even educated. (Hazrat Sulaiman) said to the man. You don’t know that. What is the value of this one word (Subhan Allah). What a great reward he has.

who Once speaking (subhan Allah). A big tree takes place in (heaven). Whose shadow will be so far away that if one (Arabic horse) (100 years) keeps on going. Even then the shadow of this tree will not end. So think how many times you have spoken (Subhan Allah) in your life. So you will get up again when you die. So how many trees in your paradise will be trees, gardens, gardening, How much longest and beautiful heaven will be. So tell me now? The value of this throne is high or the importance of the word (Subhan Allah) is high?.

The man said. ( O Sulaiman (as)) by telling me the importance of a word (Subhan Allah), I have removed the feeling of inferiority. Changed my life. I have now become convinced that (human beings) Meaning. (superior to all creatures). So therefore. After today I will spend my whole life in obedience and obedience to ( Allah ) and his prophet.

Indeed man is forgetful. Who does not know how much god has kept human beings. I pray that (Allah) grant us the blessings of our beloved Prophet (Muhammad ” Peace Be Upon Him” ). ameen.

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