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PTM Is Old Wine In New Bottle By: Inshal Rao

Pakistan has an extensive history of ethnic division and experienced one of the most tragic violent division on the line of ethnicity in East Pakistan which made Bangladesh. Because of ethnic crisis Pakistan has experienced violence, insurgency and unrest. Soon after independence the newly establish state was swamped in a series of conflicts starting with Bangla nationalism and Baloch insurgency on other hand. Beside this Pashtun nationalist movement was full supported by Afghanistan which creates unrest in the pashtun belt. Since 1947 State had to face Baloch insurgency on five occasions. Ethnic crisis hit the region in 1950s, followed by others in 1960s and intensively engulfed in 1970s with Baloch insurgency & Pashtun nationalist movement under supervision of Afghanistan untill Z.A Bhutto meet these with iron hands.



In result of Bangla nationalism after break up of East Pakistan Indra Gandhi (Indian PM) expressed “we have dumped two nation theory in Indian ocean” & during visit to Bangladesh N Modi confessed of Indian involvement in Mukti Bahini revolt against Pakistan. Moreover soon after East Pak separation Indra Gandhi stated indicating to Pakistan that “soon indian nation would listen another good news” and in 1970s Pakistan remained engaged with baloch & pashtun violent confrontations. In late 1980s & 1990s Sindh was the epicenter of ethnic division resultantly Urban Sindh badly effected due to Sindhi Mohajir clashes and unrest which ruined the economic hub of Pakistan, The Karachi.



After Nine Eleven Afghanistan’s india centric policies hits Pakistan again & after 2001 US designated Banned organisation Baloch Liberation Army started terrorism in Balochistan with the help of Indian spy agency R&AW which India can not be denied as its on duty military officer Kulbhushan Jadhev apprehended red handed who confessed of terrorist activities in Balochistan and Karachi.



In Post Taliban era since Afghanistan has given India greater role, it has increased in Pakistan’s security dilemma for that Pakistani nation and Pak Army have costed heavily. However with countless everlasting sacrifices and struggle Courageous Pak Army finally clean the region from terrorists and completely defeated enemies of peace and mankind but since Pak Army succeeded to eleminate all devils of society a new branded propaganda has started who widespread chanting slogan “ye jo dehshatgardi hy uske peechhe wardi hy” while on other side the same group repeat slogan of “Lar o Bar Afghan” & “Da Sanga Azadi Da” these voices are not for rights but to malign Pak Army and to re-establish Pashtunistan movement. But it is bitter reality that making of PTM is based on state negligence as there was complete gap between State & pashtuns specially who badly effected with terrorism and war against terrorism.



Seeing the atmosphere and vacuum full advantage was taken and in reaction of Naqeebullah Mehsud the protest was started but dramatically Manzoor Pashteen was given beyond due coverage by State & International media, from where PTM became an organisation who divert this protest movement to pashtun dignity movement which is now gradually advancing towards pashtunistan movement as I heard from a US residing key member of PTM named Maa (mother) who told on Bigo live (social app) that at initial it is pashtun right movement but our main objective is to make greater pashtunistan. It is really very interesting that social media & international media covering at large Manzoor Pashteen and his PTM movement.



The question raise itself why all of sudden international media and some organisations start to care about pashtun rights who all time were absent when pashtuns were bombed by “Drone” regularly. Due to suspicious facts & soundPTM is being watched & monitored closely as suspicious due to its slogans, social media campaign and activities as no doubt Manzoor Pashteen, his movement slogans are more hazardous & risky then any other foriegn or internal threat. Indeed, there has been some external support for the PTM as in 2018 Ummat editorial revealed that PTM got $1 million from foriegn hands. Moreover as it was supposed as old wine in new bottle the old pashtunistan movement with new name, that’s why Barnett Rubin argued that PTM may cross provincial boundary & even cross over into Afghanistan”.



Indeed, PTM whose key demands were cleaning of land mines, recovery of missing persons or bring them to court & to null and void old FCR law, all these are fulfilled long before but still PTM is on the agenda of discrediting & maligning Pak Army. Even India centric Afghan leaders supporting PTM, Afghan leaders expressing solidarity with PTM but not with Pashtuns and their grim scenario is likely to deteriorate further persistence the crisis which can push the Pashtuns into another new war. For which Pashtuns may cost heavily specially those innocent Pashtuns.

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