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The world is full of social crimes & their level is increased by the strengthen values of supporting equipment’s. It can be guns, lethal weapons, computers & mobiles, social concerns against a person or a nation. In case of any happens, the humanity damage by the attacks of above mentioned sources.


To stop these kinds of crimes, every country has its own agencies. In US, there is FBI. The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) is Pakistan’s premier investigation agency which deals with multifaceted serious and organized crimes like Immigration, Anti-human Trafficking, Anti-corruption, Protection of Intellectual Property Rights, Cyber Crime, Money Laundering etc.

At the same time it is the lead agency for investigation of important cases of terrorism and terrorist financing. It is tasked with investigative power on undertaking operations against cyber-crimes, terrorism, federal crimes, smuggling as well as violation and other specific crimes.

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If we go through the exceptional work of FIA department on cyber-crimes, under the supervision of Director Cyber Crime Wing (CCW) Mr. Amir Farooqi & Mr. Ehsan Sadiq Additional Director General (ADG), FIA solved a child pornography International case in which the gangsters from different countries were involved, where they recovered more than 650000 pictures and videos.

In this case Asif Iqbal was the investigation officer. The gangsters include; Giovanni Betty; Italy, Max hunter; USA, Andrew Moody; UK. These are well-known members of the world child pornography group/nexus which are purely helped by Saadat Ameen of Sargodha; Pakistan.

According to the social domestic affairs, in April 2018, Meesha Shafi leveled allegation of sexual harassment against Ali Zafar. Meesha appeared before the FIA with her lawyers in December 2019 but failed to produce any witness to back her allegation of sexual harassment against him.

In November 2018, Ali Zafar filed a complaint with the FIA cybercrime wing, claiming that many social media accounts were posting “threats and defamatory material” against him & provide details of those Twitter & Facebook accounts to

support his claim. The person who registered the complaint was FIA’s Asif Iqbal. An (FIR) was registered by the cyber Crime Wing against Meesha Shafi, Iffat Omar, Leena Ghani, Fariha Ayub, Maham Javaid, Ali Gul, Haseemuz Zaman Khan, Humna Raza, and Syed Faizan Raza for their alleged involvement in a campaign against singer-actor Ali Zafar. Asif Iqbal in a tweet said: “According to law, whoever publicly exhibits false information that harms the reputation of a person,

is committing a crime U/S 20 of Cybercrime Act.” The tweet also added that those involved in the spread of false information to hurt another person would face three years imprisonment or Rs1 million fine, or both.


Asif Iqbal has been suspended from his duty due to maintaining a private Twitter account bearing CCW which stands for Cyber Crime Wing. He is suspended based on a tweet that he made to explain Section 20 of the Prevention of Electronic Media Crimes Act (PECA) 2016,


related to the case against Meesha Shafi and others. A statement posted by the wing’s spokesman on Facebook in which he explains that Asif Iqbal was acting as the spokesman of the wing on his own accord without permission which is against disciplinary rules.

Moreover, it is alleged that the daughter of Shireen Mazari (Minister of Human Rights of Pakistan); Imaan Hazir Mazari, accused Mr. Iqbal of being a spokesperson for Ali Zafar on social media and started a campaign against him which could be a cause of his suspension.

In a tweet of her, she said, “Women are listening to what the State is telling but we seriously do not care.

As if the FIRs were not enough, the Assistant Director, FIA cybercrime Lahore is Ali Zafar’s spokesperson.” Director of FIA Cyber Crime Wing (Amir Farooqi) issued a notification and suspended him.

The notification came without any prior warning or

show cause notice, and no reason was given for the officer’s suspension in the beginning. Apparently, it seems direct involvement of the non-concerned ministers with FIA department

Director General FIA (Wajid Zia) & Additional Director General FIA (Ehsan Sadiq) are competent officers but under their supervision, department could not offer the fruitful results.

Some people in the department are not working professionally & not performing their truthful duty which is a question mark as from the last 3 years,

no more case of child pornography could reach to its end and Yaqoob steel mills case is generating a lot of questions to some Lahore officers of FIA & SNGPL. The culprits escaped without getting any serious punishment.

As far as the reputation & services of Muhammad Asif Iqbal are concerned, he has not only been trying to create awareness about cybercrime laws in society & on social media but has also worked actively to solve many cases.

The thing to mention here is; an investigation officer of such a reputed Federal Department should not be suspended from his duty on a case mentioned above. Some people having high influence & approach degraded the reputation of the FIA by their leg pulling.

Maybe, this partial practice has been suffered to an assistant director which can reach to Director Level till tomorrow.

Such kind of elements (Iman Hazir Mazari) should be punished or at least the concerned authorities take notice as they are working & giving comments against the state. An officer of his calibre who was doing his best for his department as well as for the state should not be harassed in such a way.

His suspension from the job is considered as harassment as he was only giving warning to the concerned people for their betterment. The Prime Minister of Pakistan (Imran Khan) & Honorable Chief justice of Pakistan (Gulzar Ahmed) should take notice on this incident for the return of honest & sincere officer as an investigation officer to his job so he can perform his duties in a more truthful &


better way for the humanity and community under the senior officers of FIA (Mr. Wajid Zia), (Mr. Ehsan Sadiq), & (Mr. Abdul Rab).

The Writer is a Senior Social Analyst & Chairman Pakistan Columnist Council
Can be found at figure786@hotmail.com

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