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Modism Is Regional Pandemic By: Inshal Rao

human right activists across the world


Ever since Modi came in power the BJP has been working on two fronts internally & externally. The most forward part of its internal policy is making India an authoritarian Hindu Rashtar (hindu nation), BJP is the political wing of RSS founded in 1925 by men besotted with western fascists, BJP is in power since 2014 holding hindu supremacism of hindutva and in order to attaining its goal BJP has been engaged in systematic anti-minority policy specially anti-Muslim.

Within days of Modi’s taking oath as PM of India the first Muslim Mohsin Sadiq was lynched by hindutva mob & no one was brought to justice, since then lynch mobs have become emboldened and hundreds & hundreds have been victimized so far which puts India on top the most dangerous state for minorities and the world have witnessed state sponsored anti-muslim pogrom Delhi while leaders, human right activists across the world questioned India on human rights violation, in response indian ruling fascist mindset side ignore all the World and somewhere they responded with threat of boycott of its products trade etc like Malaysia and somewhere BJP threaten of election interference like Bernie Sanders. Indian constitution promises equal rights to all but BJP’s top leader Subramanium Sawami said in an interview to a foriegn journalist that they don’t consider Muslims equal to Hindus while UN official Adam Deing issued report on minority rights violations in India, Subramanium Sawami demanded for criminal case against Adam Deing which is nothing more a tactic of pressurizing.

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On other hand India working on its hegemonic design and involved in cross border terrorism which creates tensions between India & Pakistan, between India China, Between India Nepal, Between India Bangladesh and between India Srilanka. What is India doing today is very much like what happened during colonial era which led the World to two World Wars, on its provocative and aggressive policies India continuously ignoring neighbouring states in specific & the World in general, On this Ashok Swain remarks that “Modi’s India have been big brotherly and less consultative and often lack mutual respect”. Modi’s hindutvatic intension to make Kashmir and Nepal the next Palestine and on footstep of Israel Modi has set a plan of making Kashmiris stateless and trying demographic change in Kashmir through New Domicile Law of Kashmir alongwith inhuman state terrorism in Indian Occupied Kashmir.

Kashmir is Worldly recognized dispute but putting all the UN resolutions aside and breaching International norms in its dream of expansionism India annexed Jammu & Kashmir in its union territory by abrogating article 370 which further fuel to fire tensions between India Pakistan and India China, Both neighbouring states are already offended with Indian conspiracies & cross border terrorism, In Balochistan & Karachi India directly involved in terrorist activities as one of its spy agency official Kulbhushan Jadhev was caught red handed who was supervising baloch terrorist groups and in China Indian side supporting unrest by Dalai Lama factor who is in self exile positioned in India on Indian expenses.Not only Pakistan & China but also Nepal, Srilanka are extremely offended & Bangladesh as well due to citizenship act & water issue.

India encroached Nepalian territory in violation of Suguali Treaty which clearly says that Lipulekh, Kalapani, and Limpiyadhara belong to Nepal. In Srilanka it was involved in supporting state rebellion groups and on water issue Pakistan, Bangladesh & Nepal are extremely disgruntle due to Modi’s “Only Me” policy, now Modism has become a regional pandemic and its dream of expansionism & becoming regional bully is more fatalic then any epidemic so now its time to notice Modism before it engulf regional peace.


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