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Govt to introduce agricultural reforms within days: PM

The government has formed eight sub-committees in agriculture reforms.

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has said the government will soon take important decisions on the development of the agriculture sector.

In a tweet, the prime minister said agriculture is the backbone of our economy. He informed that eight sub-committees have been established for reforms in the agricultural sector.

He said the government will ensure easy access to loans, quality seeds and pesticides for farmers. He said they will take important decisions for the development of the agricultural sector in the coming days.

A day earlier, the prime minister chaired a high-level meeting and directed ministries concerned to formulate an emergency agricultural reforms plan within two days for the next crop to facilitate farmers.

During the meeting, the prime minister was given the recommendations of eight sub-committees of different relevant sectors. He said the reforms should be based on recommendations of the sub committees.


PM Shebhaz Sharif said he would announce a comprehensive agricultural reforms plan very soon to achieve prosperity of farmers, enhance agricultural production and reduce the input prices. The recommendations presented to the prime minister included both short and long term plans.

The prime minister reaffirmed that the government would provide facilities to the farmers on emergency basis including low-cost seed and fertilizers.

The meeting resolved that the companies selling substandard seeds and pesticides would be done away with and that the relevant institutions would be facilitated for introduction of quality seeds.

The prime minister said the government would also provide modern equipment and facilitate the processing of loans. Moreover, silos would be constructed to help farmers store wheat and agricultural produces.

The prime minister also called for measures to enhance per acre yield before the cotton sowing season and ensure the provision of subsidy to the farmers on the agriculture inputs.

He asked the authorities concerned to keep into consideration the impact of climate change during the formulation of agricultural reforms. He also called for running an awareness campaign to acquaint the farmers with modern agricultural methods.


The sub committees constituted on the subjects including wheat, cotton, edible oil, fertilizers, agricultural research, usage of water, climate change and agricultural equipment briefed the prime minister.

The recommendations were presented on the yield of wheat, cotton and edible oil, provision of modern machinery on reduced rates, subsidy on urea and DAP, expected production and import, quality seeds, better utility of water and timely provision of loans to the farmers.



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