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Mr. Akhtar Sardar Choo Dhari, the creator of “City TV Pakistan”, who built and operated the site with the utmost hard work and innovation. Akhtar Sardar Chow is currently the editor-in-chief of City TV Pakistan. City TV plays a vital role in the promotion and development of Urdu language, which is read daily by Urdu & English users from all over the world. City TV Pakistan has a prominent place in Urdu & English Literature and Literature, which has always promoted the truth through its news, articles, columns and institutions. It has done its job honestly without any state and political pressure, which is why despite the online presence of other newspapers, “City TV Pakistan” remains a milestone in Pakistani journalism, and Rabin International The Internet is prominent in journalism.
The role of City TV Pakistan is very important in the promotion and development of Urdu Literature. And published standard literature without distinction. This has inspired new writers, and Urdu literature has received new and standard poets and writers. Apart from this, the readers of standard literature have also received satisfaction. The Pakistan TV Administration is busy day and night in the service and promotion of Urdu.
Welcome to City TV Pakistan’s new and very unique series “Your City Your News”. There is a separate section of every small and big city of Pakistan, where all the information, news, photos, articles, directories, videos and more of this city are available. Users can now view all information on their city pages. The launch of this new series aims to deliver timely information to consumers in their city. Representatives from across City TV Pakistan are busy day and night to improve our pages. If you would like to send us news, videos, photos, etc. of your city for publication, please email admin@citytv.pk. Enter the name of your city in the email. We hope you like this series, and will definitely share your valuable feedback with us.
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